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Japan’s FIFA Team Features Blue Lock Kit [Fans Surprised]

The FIFA world cup 2022 has recently started in Qatar and everyone has been talking about it. Not only that, even anime fans have been...

Is Spy X Family Good [Direct & Blunt Opinion]

Got a question in mind: Is Spy X Family Good? Well here's the answer. Yes, Spy X Family is good. It's a great manga with...
Mr Beast Plans on Investing $9 million To Re-Master Naruto Anime Series

Mr Beast Plans on Investing $9 million To Re-Master Naruto Anime Series

Mr. Beast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is a Youtube Star who's gained popularity at exponential rates, making a name for himself by giving away...

Genshin Impact is Finally Getting An Anime [Fans in Ecstasy]

Genshin Impact has been one of the biggest games launched recently with around 50 million players worldwide. And its popularity hasn't gone anywhere and...

Is Mushoku Tensei Manga Completed?

Mushoku Tensei has been one of the most popular isekai in recent history. And there's a reason for that because and the reason is...

[Revealed] Straw Hat Pirates New Bounties + Zoro’s Bounty Correction

In One Piece bounties play a significant role in the plot and are a treat for the fans who have been speculating their favorite...

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