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  1. i like demon slayer more than naruto but i knew that naruto could clap tanjiro cus lets just face it naruto has too many tecniques and tanjiro can breath._. but if it is tanjiro when he turns into a demon then it might be a better fight

    1. It’s True that they’re both kind hearted, but we’re just comparing their power levels and combat skills. As of now, Tanjiro is no match for Naruto, however, Naruto without Kurama vs Tanjiro might have a fair fight. We’ve yet to see Tanjiro’s potential as we advance to next seasons. If there is really an appealing change, we’ll update the article accordingly!

  2. So my opinion is tanjiro would win as the fact he is immortal only the antidote to turn him back in human is worthy of his defeat but as we know the last antidote was put on tanjiro but if it wasn’t there tanjiro would surely win from naruto cuz naruto is mortal

    1. your answer is a really bad take, demon king tanjiro or not one rasenshuriken/ biju bomb and tanjiro/demon tanjiro is finished

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