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  1. You didn’t actually tackle the issue with Naruto. You made an entire web page when all you had to say is: “If you don’t like slow moving animes with more talking than fighting; Naruto is not for you”. It does not peak at episode 30. The episodes continue to slug their way into multiple episode fight scenes of people talking and others reacting. The mysteries of the early episodes are awful because anyone with basic deduction can figure them out and once you do that you get to watch the show throw it up in your face for 10 episodes like it’s a big deal.

    1. Hi there Samuel.
      Well, the title says “When Does Naruto Get Good?“. Of course, We’ll be explaining when it does, and not why it’s not suitable for the audience who doesn’t like dialogues and logic of how the world works. Remember that everybody doesn’t consider having a lot of fight scenes the main factor for an anime to be “Good“. It depends on how you define it, may it be your understanding of philosophies, emotional attachment to MC, development of side characters or the motivation it gives you.
      However, you don’t have to agree, it’s natural to have different opinions! As we mentioned in the article “In our opinion, Naruto is one of the greatest things in fiction and everyone reading this shall experience it at least once in their lives.”

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